New in 2016


We are partnering with our friends at Flapjacks on Emory Road to help you start a new family tradition. You will receive a coupon for 10% off a meal at Flapjacks with the purchase of a tree.  So, come early, get a tree, and have breakfast (until 2 o’clock) at Flapjacks on the way home.

Credit Cards

We will be accepting credit cards this year for the first time.  Hopefully this will make life easier for some customers.

HUGE Trees

Usually our “big” trees are 9- to 12-feet tall.  However, this year we can provide some “HUGE” trees.  These are 16 to 22-feet tall and are beautiful. You can see individual photos of these trees in the album on our Facebook page.  Please realize that these trees weigh between 600 and 800 pounds and are expensive.  They are priced individually but start at $1500.

Expanded Parking

We have expanded our graveled parking area again this year so we can accommodate about 10 more cars and trailers.

The Drought

Because of the extreme drought we are experiencing, I suspect the trees in our field are already stressed (thirsty!).  The Fraser firs we cut in the mountains have been a gotten more rain than ours trees in Anderson County.  Therefore I strongly recommend you consider our Fraser firs rather than our spruce, pines, etc. at least until we get a few good rains here at the farm.