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We currently grow four kinds of Christmas trees on the farm: Leyland Cypress, Virginia Pine, Norway Spruce, and Scotch Pine.  Keep reading to learn about our trees and which one might be right for your home this Christmas season!

Leyland Cypress

The Leyland cypress resembles red cedars but is lighter green. Those in the field are 5 to 8 feet tall. They have soft branches and are easy to handle.  They are durable, staying green and holding their needles well into January.  Because of their soft branches, they will not hold heavy ornaments at the tip.  Otherwise, they are the best all round tree we grow.

Virginia Pines

Our Virginia pines are 6 to 9 feet tall.  This species has light green needles that are short and stiff but not nearly as prickly as Norway spruce. The branches are strong and will hold heavy ornaments almost to the tips. The bases of these trees are narrow, making getting the tree into your tree stand much easier. 

norway spruce

These are beautiful trees with short needles and are very dark in color. Their stiff branches support heavy ornaments.  These are great trees and will hold needles for six weeks or more if kept watered, but they start dropping needles in about 2 weeks if you let the water bowl dry even once. We recommend you not cut these trees before the second week of December.


This pine species has stiff branches and distinct gray green or blue-green hue (see Virginia Pines for comparison). The strong branches make this tree excellent for supporting heavy ornaments. 


Because of popular demand, we also bring trees from near by farms in Roan Mountain and Mountain City, TN, to Bluebird Christmas Tree Farm. These trees are Fraser Firs, Concolor Firs, and Norman Spruce.

Fraser Firs

As you may know, Fraser firs will not grow at our altitude. They do best at elevations over 4000 feet and our farm is less than 1000 feet. We cut Fraser firs from farms on the Tennessee/North Carolina line and bring them to our farm. 

Frasers have the classic Christmas tree aroma and stay fresh longest. Their soft needles have a dark green color and stiff branches to support heavy ornaments. 

concolor Firs

For 2021, we will not have Concolor Firs.

These trees have needles that are about 2-3 inches long and are powdery-green to a light powdery-blue in color. Concolor fir needles are very soft and grow in a circular pattern around the branch. Their branches are strong and are great for hanging heavier ornaments.  They have excellent needle retention.  Many families choose a Concolor for its citrus like aroma.


~ Know your ceiling height – an 8 foot tree will touch the ceiling in a room with standard 8 foot ceilings (so no room for a star, angel, or other tree topper)

~ We have measuring poles to help you gauge the height of trees in our field. Ask the staff if you would like to use one.

~ We can bale your tree for you at no additional cost to make transport and set-up easier. All but the largest trees will fit through the baler.


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