Before You Come

Measure the space where the tree will go in the house so you know the height and width of the tree you need. Remember that a standard 8-foot ceiling will not accommodate an 8-foot tree and a star, angel or other tree topper.  A 7- to 7.5-foot tree works best for an 8-foot ceiling.

We have saws you can borrow or you can bring your own hand saw (no chainsaws please) or hatchet.  If need be, we will cut the tree for you.

Have a plan for getting the tree home.  Is the tree going in the back of a truck, trunk of a car, inside the car or on top of the car?  Don’t plan on putting a 12-foot tree on top of a  car! Bring whatever you need to secure the tree. Our staff can help secure the tree with the rope, ratchet straps or bungees we sell in the gift shop, but if you have rope or straps at home, bring them and save money.

All of our prices have the tax included.  For example, our $65 trees are actually $59.23 plus $5.77 in tax, so our $65 tree cost you less than a $60 tree elsewhere. Likewise, our $6.00 cinnamon-apple jam is actually $5.47 per jar before the $0.53 in state and local taxes are added to make the final price of $6.00.

Trees must be kept watered, and they can take up a gallon of water a day when they first get in the house. Also, keep the tree away from as many heat sources as possible and out of direct sunlight to prolong longevity.

And no matter where you get your tree, you have the right to ask when the tree was cut, not just when it arrived at the farm or store.  Our earliest pre-cut firs were cut November 18.  The others were cut the following week.