New in 2018

2018 Christmas Tree Shortage

There is currently a nation-wide shortage of real Christmas trees. The main cause is the lack of trees planted 6 to 10 years ago.  It takes about 8 years to grow a tree from a seedling. Ten to 14 years ago there was a surplus of Christmas trees which caused many tree farms to go out of business. Therefore, fewer seedling were put in the field. The resulting shortage of mature trees will likely continue for 2 more years.

We had about 400 saleable trees here at the farm, but we are out of trees in the field.  Also, we bring in many pre-cut fir trees from a friend’s farm near Roan Mountain, TN. We have 6 fir trees remaining.  These firs are 6- to 6.5-feet tall and are $60.    

Credit Cards

We accept credit cards again this year.  Hopefully this makes life easier for some customers.

New in the Gift Shop

We hope to have an electric train running in the gift shop this year. Also, we will have some new local crafts available.

Fraser firs

We have a few “table top” Fraser firs.