New in 2021

2021 Christmas Tree Shortage

There is currently a nation-wide shortage of real Christmas trees. The main cause is the lack of trees planted 6 to 10 years ago.  It takes about 8 years to grow a tree from a seedling. Ten to 14 years ago there was a surplus of Christmas trees which caused many tree farms to go out of business. Therefore, fewer seedling were put in the field. It appears that this is the last year of the shortage. Next year there should be more trees available. A year or two after that, hopefully, tree prices will decline.

The Good News: Our 2021 Tree Supply

We will have twice as many pre-cut trees this year in spite of the ongoing tree shortage!  We buy our firs from friends who own Christmas tree farms near Mountain City and Roan Mountain, Tennessee.  Although we pay full price, these long-term friends (27 years in one case) give us first choice of the trees they have.  If you are thankful for the trees we have available this year, realize the thanks goes to Carol, Tim, Charles, and Paul.

Tree Prices

Our tree prices vary by height as well as by the quality (appearance) and, for firs, how much we had to pay to purchase them and to bring them to our farm.  For example, a 7 1/2-foot tree (the preferred height for an 8-foot ceiling) will be $55, $70 or $80, depending on the three factors mentioned above.

Credit Cards

We continue to accept credit cards as well as cash and local checks.


Unfortunately, we will not have any “table top” (2- to 4-ft tall) Fraser firs this year.  Our supply of 6- to 8.5-foot fir trees is much better than in 2020.