St. Nicholas

The Story of St. Nicholas

The story starts with socks. Until very recent times, most people did not have the luxury of having multiple sets of clothes. A single set of pants, socks, shoes, cap, shirt, etc was not uncommon, although some folks had an extra set. The poor washed and dried their single pair of socks or stockings frequently, typically drying them over night by the fire. Continue reading

Christmas Traditions

Christmas: A Time of Celebration and Tradition

Christmas trees, wreaths, mistletoe, gifts, garland, carols, candles, stars, and bells. These are symbols of Christmas we have known since childhood. Yet they are more than the glitter and fluff of an increasingly commercial holiday. They are direct, symbolic reminders of the true meaning and spirit of the season. Perhaps one reason we tend to forget the true meaning of Christmas is that we fail to remember–and to pass on to our children–the significance of these symbols. Continue reading